Last Updated May 24, 2023

Ice Barrel Review

Ice Barrel

The Ice Barrel has a unique design that we love for many reasons.   Featuring an aesthetically pleasing look, easy storage, and allowing for an up-right plunge, this ice bath is worth checking out. 

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Approximately $1,200


As seen on many influencer Instagram accounts, the Ice Barrel is one of the most popular ice baths out there. With its unique design that’s easy to store and fair price compared to some higher-end models, the Ice Barrel is certainly a bath worth considering.

Design and Build Quality

Weight: 55lbs (No Water)

Dimensions: 42″ High by 31″ Wide

This is perhaps the feature we like most about the Ice Barrel. Coming in at 42 inches high by 31 inches wide, this is one of the few ice baths that is taller than it is wide. This offers some great advantages, like being easier to store and taking up much less of a profile wherever you choose to keep it.

This ice bath also uses hard plastic, which is extremely durable, allowing you to use it in the winter and not have to worry about dents or breaks when natural ice starts to form in the tub.

Comfort and Ergonomics

One thing to note about the design is that when you’re in the bath, you sit more in a squat position. This could be less relaxing than other ice baths where you get to lay down, but that is all personal preference. The design encourages users to submerge themselves up to their shoulders, maximizing the benefits of cold therapy. The design also more closely mimics a cold plunge that you would take in nature, such as in a cold pond or lake.

Additionally, the barrel’s smooth interior surfaces make it easy to enter and exit the ice bath without discomfort or risk of injury.

Best Affordable Ice Bath

Binyuan Ice Bath

33.5" x 29.5"
4 lbs
No Lid
Laminated Plastic
6 Minute Setup
Doesn't Make Ice
Galvanized Stock Tank

24" x 48" x 24"
50 lbs (no water)
No lid
Galvanized Steel
Comes Assembled
Doesnt Make Ice
Rubbermaid Stock Tank

58" x 39" x 26"
11 lbs
No Lid
Structural Foam
Comes Assembled
Doesn't Make Ice
Ice Barrel

42" x 31"
55 lbs (no water)
Has Lid
2 Minute Setup
Doesn't Make Ice

Ease of Use

Comes with:

  • Ice Barrel + Lid
  • Barrel Stand
  • Protective UV Cover
  • Step Stool

One of the most significant advantages of the Ice Barrel is its simplicity and ease of use. Setting up the barrel requires minimal effort, and the process of filling and draining the water is straightforward. The Ice Barrel also comes with a tight-fitting lid, which helps maintain the water temperature, reducing the need for constant ice replenishment. Everything ships nicely packaged, and there is essentially no setup required.

Price and Value

Price: $1,200

Substantially more expensive than similar options, such as the Galvanized Stock Tank. However, the additional features (such as the lid and easy-drainage system) certainly make the Ice Bath worth spending the extra money on.

What We Don’t Like

The biggest negative is that this ice bath does not come with a chiller, making it very difficult to use in the warmer months. You would need to supply your own ice, which can be cumbersome. It also does not feature any sort of sanitation, which you would have to manually clean often to prevent mold and other issues with water sitting too long. Fortunately, you can buy a cleaning kit on their website, which certainly makes it easier.


  • Modern design and look.
  • Reasonable price compared to other ice bath options.
  • Amazing customer service.
  • Easy setup and storage.
  • Upright design for a natural immersion.


  • Requires periodic maintenance (can purchase sanitation on their website)
  • No chiller (Requires ice)
  • Expensive compared to other models

Final Thoughts

At over $1,000, this ice bath certainly carries a hefty price tag for what it offers. It still has some great features that we love; specifically, it’s unique design and robust plastic material make this an amazing ice bath for winter.

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