Last Updated: July 2024

Best Ice Bath Rankings

We tested, rated, and reviewed the best cold plunges and ice baths around! Plunge with peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best prices and quality.

Let’s start your cold plunge journey with peace of mind!

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Best Ice Bath

morozko forge png image

Morozko Forge

From producing its own ice, ozone cleaning, and low EMF profile, the Morozko Forge has some fantastic, cutting-edge features.  We believe it is the gold standard of ice baths as it is the go-to ice bath used by podcaster Joe Rogan.

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Approximately $18,000

Our Pick

ModPlunge Mountains


The Mod Plunge is a very affordable, modular ice bath that we feel is the perfect mix of DIY meets professional.

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Approximately $3,000

Best Value

Rubbermaid '150 Gallon Stock Tank'

Perhaps the most popular Ice Bath on the market, the Rubbermaid 150-gallon stock tank is an affordable and highly durable option for many DIY ice bath enthusiasts.

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Approximately $200

The Plunge

Originally featured on Shark Tank, The Plunge is a sleek, robust tub that looks great anywhere!  Many features, such as a digital control system, ozone cleaning, and even an LED light inside the tub, make this plug-and-plunge ice bath a great option for anyone looking to make cold plunging part of their daily routine.

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Approximately $5,000

Galvanized Stock Tank

We love the look of the galvanized stock tank.   Not exactly made for cold plunging but it certainly gets the job done.  The biggest con of this is that it is very heavy and difficult to transport.

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Approximately $170

Most Portable

Binyuan Portable Ice Bath

Weighing less than 5 lbs with no water, you can literally bring this tub anywhere!  Made for bathrooms that don’t have bath tubs, this works great for taking ice baths anywhere.  It’s also our cheapest recommendation.

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Approximately $65

Best on a Budget

Polar Monkeys 'The Portal'

Polar Monkeys "The Portal" tub is just simply very cool with its unique graffiti designs.  Tons of customization options at a very affordable price.  The perfect way to take the plunge into an iceless home setup.

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Approximately $3,000

odin ice bath

Odin Ice Bath

We fell in love with this beautiful circular design.  Another tub capable of producing ice if left on long enough, this is worth checking out.  Complete with an ozone filter and is very easy to set up – just turn it on and start plunging!

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Approximately $7,400

The Edge Tub

We chose this for its portability and style while having some great advanced features like wifi and temperature control.  Well worth considering for stepping up your cold plunging - especially if you're looking for an on-the-go solution.

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Approximately $5,000

Renu Therapy 'Cold Stoic 2.0'

While expensive, the most popular cold plunge amongst celebrities. With top-notch customization, this will look incredible in any environment.

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Approximately $10,000