Last Updated Aug 12, 2023

Odin Ice Bath Review


The Odin Ice Bath is perhaps the closest competitor to the Morozko Forge. Some might even say that the Odin is the Australian stepbrother to the Forge. At almost half the price and with very similar features, it is certainly worth checking out.

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The Price

At the time of this review, the price is approximately $7,000.


Temperature Regulation

An LCD screen on the side of the Ice Bath allows you to set your temperature. The Odin actually will enable you to set the temperature all the way down to 32 Degrees Fahrenheit (0 Degrees Celsius)

Easily Regulate the Desired Temperature

Ice Formation

The biggest difference between the Odin and most other ice baths on the market is that the Odin can actually make its own ice. In most ice baths, the water cools down by circulating out of the tub and flowing through a chiller – the chiller cools the water, which then gets circulated back into the tub. Unlike the Odin, which has cooling coils built around the tub. This means that water doesn’t ever leave the tub and can actually cool down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This unique build quality is the reason why the Odin can make its own ice.

The Odin's unique cooling system which allows ice formation.

This makes the Odin a true ice bath. A quality we absolutely LOVE when ranking ice baths!


The Odin comes with an Ozone Generator and a 50 Micron Filter. It is recommended to clean the filter about once a month. The inside of the Odin is lined with stainless steel, which we found was very easy to clean and did not stain.

Insulated Lid

This is one of the best lids we’ve seen. It’s essentially the same lid you’d use for a hot tub, so it does an excellent job of keeping the tank cold and minimizing energy efficiency.

Odin ice bath lid

Best Overall Ice Bath

Polar Monkeys

Cools to 37ºF
2ft x 4ft x 2ft
100 lbs
Lid (+$350)
1 Year Warranty
The Plunge

Cools to 39ºF
2.2ft x 6ft x 2.7ft
150 lbs
Has Lid
Filter + Ozone
Acrylic + Fiberglass
1 Year Warranty
Odin Ice Bath

Cools to 32ºF
4.2 x 4.1 x 2.3H (ft)
176 lbs
Has Lid
Filtration + Ozone
Stainless Steel + Cedar
5 Year Warranty
Morozko Forge

Cools to 33ºF
2.6ft x 6.8ft
350 lbs
Has Lid
Microfiltration + Ozone
Steel + Cedar
3 Year Warranty

The Setup

Despite being so heavy, the Original weighs almost 180 lbs – The Odin is actually very easy to set up. Unlike many of its competitors, which require some plumbing, everything is fully built into the Odin, making it plug-and-play…. or plug-and-plunge! Just note that because these are made in Australia, you will need a voltage converter (around $50 on Amazon) if you plan on using the unit in the United States.

The Look

Circular and Cedar with fully stainless steel inside. This is just personal preference, but I think this has one of the best “looks” of all the ice baths on the market. It also has a very cool logo – if you’re into the Viking stuff! It is recommended to stain the cedar wood every 6 to 12 months to keep it looking fresh, but certainly well worth it.

The Negatives

Unfortunately, this ice bath is made and shipped from Australia. This means there could be some waiting and lead times with the orders but fortunately, they don’t charge extra for the shipping. Another negative is that if you want to keep The Odin outdoors – when the temperature gets cold (below freezing), you will have to bring it indoors or fully empty the water (rendering it useless) because the plumbing can freeze and get destroyed.

The tub is also weather resistant, not weatherproof which means it will have to be placed under some sort of cover.

The Owner

We love an owner that associates his name and face with the brand. Jono James is certainly no stranger to the biohacking community and a great face for his product. Inspired by Wim Hof’s Contrast Therapy and the many benefits of cold plunging, Jono has certainly done a great job with his Odin Ice Bath.

Jono James with his odin ice bath

Final Thoughts

We think this is a great option depending on the budget. As one of the only ice baths that can make its own ice, we feel this feature is a great price point. Considering how easy this is to set up and operate, you will not regret having this beautiful ice bath in your facility or backyard.

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