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Mod Plunge Review

Last Updated Nov 16, 2023

Mod Plunge

Price: $3,000

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The Mod Plunge is a very affordable, modular ice bath that we feel is the perfect mix of DIY meets professional.
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  • Competitive Price
  • Modular Design
  • Best Insulation
  • Built-in Lid


  • It only cools down to 39° F
  • Awkwardly sized

Fully Modular Design

This ice bath combines the Grizzly 400 cooler with an Active Aqua 1/4 HP chiller. The ModTub company drills all the holes and provides all the plumbing and instructions, allowing you to create the perfect mix of DIY meets High-End Ice Bath. You may ask yourself:

Can I do this on my own without going through Mod Tub?

While it’s possible to create a similar setup on your own, potentially saving some money (around $500), the ModTub makes the setup and experience so easy. Their meticulous attention to detail and clear instructions ensure that even non handy people like myself can assemble the unit with ease. The entire setup took less than 20 minutes, and I encountered no issues during the process. Priced at $3,000, the ModPlunge is well worth it and we feel it is one of the best-valued ice baths on the market.

Mod plunge shipping parts
Shipped with a Grizzly 400 Cooler, Active Aqua 1/4 HP Chiller and Box of Parts.

The Chiller

The Mod Plunge uses an Active Aqua 1/4 HP chiller. This has been incredibly reliable and easy to use, allowing me to just wake up from sleep and jump in the cold water without even thinking or turning on my brain.

For its initial run, the chiller took about five hours to cool the water to my preferred low 40s temperature. It’s important to note, that the chiller’s lowest achievable temperature is 39 degrees Fahrenheit. While this is slightly higher than some competitor models, it still provides a sufficiently cold experience for most users.

Setting up the chiller using the provided hoses.

The Ice Bath

At the core of the Mod Tub setup is the Grizzly 400 cooler, a key component that significantly enhances the ice bath experience with its outstanding features. The Grizzly 400 is equipped with some of the best insulation technology available, ensuring that once the water is chilled, it remains cold for a prolonged period. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in the summer months, when keeping water at a low temperature can be a challenge.

Additionally, the Grizzly 400 comes with an attached cover that serves multiple purposes. Not only does it keep the water clean by preventing debris from entering, but it also acts as a makeshift cellphone mount, offering a convenient spot to place your phone for music, timing your plunge, or ensuring it’s within reach in case of emergencies.

Me in the ModPlunge with my phone leaning against the lid.

However, it’s worth noting that the cooler’s size presents a bit of a trade-off. Being 6’1″ and 200 lbs, I found the Grizzly 400 to be somewhat awkwardly sized for my frame. While the insulation and cleanliness features are top-notch, its dimensions don’t allow me to fully stretch out during my plunge. This aspect might be a consideration for taller or larger individuals seeking a complete immersion experience.

Mod Plunge size
For reference, I am 6’1 200lbs.


The Mod Tub is a phenomenal ice bath solution, especially for those new plungers ready to transition from traditional ice usage to a chiller-based system – allowing for cold plungers to truly make plunging a part of their daily routine. While this may seem like a large investment at first, the money you’ll save on ice alone is worth the upgrade!

Finally, the modular design ensures that you’ll basically have this unit forever – allowing you to easily replace or upgrade parts to allow your set-up to grow with you. For example, we plan on adding ozone in the future (so stay tuned!).

Installing the filter and electric box.

In summary, the Mod Tub strikes a perfect balance between functionality, convenience, and durability. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to dive into the world of chiller-based cold plunges, offering an experience that is both refreshing and sustainable.

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