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Primal Tub With Ice Bath Chiller Review

Last Updated Jun 19, 2024

Primal Tub With Ice Bath Chiller

Price: $1,250

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We found the chiller to be incredibly energy-efficient, user-friendly, and environmentally conscious. We cannot recommend the Primal Tub enough as a great addition to any wellness regimen.

The sleek, portable design looks perfect in any situation.

Primal Ice Tub and its ice bath chiller offer a cost-effective and practical solution for cold plunging, especially on the go. We find this ice bath to have incredible value, being priced significantly cheaper than other similar ice baths. Eliminating the ongoing expense of buying ice, this is a great ice bath for anyone looking to upgrade their setup.

Pros & Cons Of Primal Tub With Ice Bath Chiller


  1. Affordability: Compared to other ice bath chillers on the market, which can cost upwards of $5,000, the Primal Tub is significantly more affordable, and even though it is cheaper than most competitors, it’s just as good if not better.
  1. Durability: We put this tub to this test and confidently say it’s strong! Even though you have to blow it up, once it’s filled with air, it is incredibly sturdy and doesn’t bend at all.
  1. Efficiency: The Primal Chiller can cool water down to 37 degrees Fahrenheit (3° Celcius), eliminating the need for ice. This not only saves money but also ensures consistent water temperature for effective therapy.
  1. Portability: The tub is designed to be portable, fitting into a backpack for easy transport. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, adding to its versatility.
  1. Energy Efficiency: The chiller uses the same technology as a household fridge/freezer, resulting in low energy consumption. This makes it economical to run, with estimated electricity costs ranging from $0.5 to $1.5 per day.
  1. Ease of Setup: The product took us less than 10 minutes to setup. The process was very easy and straightforward with no plumbing or technical expertise required.


  1. Noise Levels: Moderately loud – not that big of a deal as we found the noise to be a nice distraction from the very cold water however, the unit is noisier than expected, especially in a quiet environment.
  1. Short Warranty Period: The product comes with a one-year warranty. While this is standard, a longer warranty period would provide more peace of mind for customers making such an investment.
  1. Size and Capacity: Although the tub fits two people, its size (150cm x 80cm x 65cm) might not be suitable for all users, particularly those with limited space for setup.
  1. Filter Maintenance: The 20-micron filtration system requires regular maintenance to keep the water clean. Users will need to stay on top of this to ensure optimal performance. We recommend changing the filter once a month


The Primal Tub with Ice Bath Chiller offers a compelling solution for those interested in cold water therapy. Its affordability, durability, and energy efficiency make it an attractive option. However, potential buyers should be aware of the limited availability, potential noise levels, and the need for regular filter maintenance. Overall, it is a well-rounded product that delivers on its promises of convenience and performance.

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