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History of Morozko Forge w/ CEO Thomas Seager

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This is Part 1 of my interview with Thomas Seagar, the CEO and Founder of Morozko Forge. We talk about the history of ice baths and how the company came to be, with influences from Joe Rogan and Ben Greenfield.

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How Morozko Forge got its name

Morozko Forge, draws its name from the captivating Russian folktale of Morozko, or Father Frost. This folktale not only features Morozko as the personification of winter’s chill but also tells the story of a kind-hearted girl and her two sisters. In the tale, the girl’s stepmother sends her out into the freezing cold, where she encounters Morozko. Despite the bitter cold, the girl remains polite and resilient, prompting Morozko to reward her kindness and fortitude with riches, while her greedy sisters receive nothing for their entitlement and disrespect. This narrative reflects the ethos behind Morozko Forge—embracing the cold not merely as a physical challenge but as a path to uncover inner strength and transformation, much like the girl’s endurance and grace under pressure lead to her eventual reward. The company aims to inspire similar virtues in its users, emphasizing the rejuvenating power of cold exposure.

Can Cold Plunging Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Yes, here is a link to Thomas’s work explaining the studies:

The Ice Brick

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