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Grounding and Cold Plunging

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In this solo episode of the Cold Plunge Podcast, Mike Gorman discusses:

Grounding and Cold Plunging

We jump into the science of grounding, why it’s beneficial, and how to accomplish it. I also give my rankings for the best ways to ground yourself.

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Grounding while walking in nature
Grounding while walking in nature

Best Ways to Ground

5. Grounding Mats

Starting our list at number five, grounding mats are a convenient way to connect with the earth’s energy, especially when outdoor access is limited. They mimic the earth’s electrical charge, offering a way to ground yourself while indoors, whether you’re working, sleeping, or just relaxing.

4. Barefoot Walking

Coming in at number four, walking barefoot is one of the simplest and most direct ways to ground. It allows you to connect physically with the earth, absorbing its electrons directly through your feet, which can help reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and boost well-being.

3. Cold Plunging in a Metal Ice Bath

Taking the third spot, cold plunging in a metal ice bath combines the benefits of grounding with the invigorating effects of cold therapy. The metal tub enhances the grounding effect, allowing electrons to flow freely while the cold water stimulates your body, enhancing circulation and promoting mental clarity.

2. Laying on the Ground

At number two, laying directly on the ground is a powerful way to ground yourself. This full-body contact with the earth allows for maximum electron transfer, helping to neutralize free radicals and improve overall health. It’s a simple, profound way to reconnect with nature and rejuvenate your body.

1. Cold Plunging in the Ocean

Topping the list at number one, cold plunging in the ocean is the ultimate grounding experience. The vastness of the ocean amplifies the grounding effects, combining the therapeutic properties of cold water immersion with the natural conductivity of saltwater. This method not only grounds you but also offers a unique blend of benefits from the mineral-rich sea, making it the most impactful way to ground and revitalize your entire being.

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