Last Updated May 24, 2023

Polar Monkeys The Portal Review

Best on a Budget

Polar Monkeys 'The Portal'

Polar Monkeys "The Portal" tub is just simply very cool with its unique graffiti designs.  Tons of customization options at a very affordable price.  The perfect way to take the plunge into an iceless home setup.

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Approximately $3,000

Luxury on Budget

Polar Monkeys ‘The Portal’ is the perfect blend of luxury for those with a limited budget. At less than $3,000, we feel like this is an amazing way to upgrade your at-home cold plunging experience.

This ice bath is also highly functional, designed with a sleek, industrial aesthetic. It can cool water down to a brisk 37 degrees, meaning you can enjoy a refreshing plunge without the need for any additional ice. The built-in filtration system and pump ensure that maintaining clean, cold water is a breeze. Plus, the setup is straightforward and uncomplicated, making it easy to get started.

What’s in the Box?

  • Steel tub
  • 0.6 HP Chiller with built-in filtration system & pump
  • Hoses

The Size and Style

When it comes to the Polar Monkeys ‘The Portal,’ the size and design really hit the sweet spot. Measuring 2ft x 4ft x 2ft, it offers ample space for a comfortable, full-body plunge without overwhelming your space.

Available in three distinct color schemes – black, grey, and the vibrant Monkeyverse – The Portal offers you the freedom to choose the look that best complements your environment. We particularly love the Monkeyverse, which is. a vibrant, artistically inspired design that adds a splash of color and energy, transforming The Portal from a functional piece of equipment into a conversation starter.

Best Overall Ice Bath

Polar Monkeys

Cools to 37ºF
2ft x 4ft x 2ft
100 lbs
Lid (+$350)
1 Year Warranty
The Plunge

Cools to 39ºF
2.2ft x 6ft x 2.7ft
150 lbs
Has Lid
Filter + Ozone
Acrylic + Fiberglass
1 Year Warranty
Odin Ice Bath

Cools to 32ºF
4.2 x 4.1 x 2.3H (ft)
176 lbs
Has Lid
Filtration + Ozone
Stainless Steel + Cedar
5 Year Warranty
Morozko Forge

Cools to 33ºF
2.6ft x 6.8ft
350 lbs
Has Lid
Microfiltration + Ozone
Steel + Cedar
3 Year Warranty

Tech Specs


.6 HP: Can cool water down to 37°F


Approximately 30 minutes to connect the hoses and sanitation and fill the tub.

Power Requirements:

110-127V: so it can be used in a standard power outlet and is similar to the output of a refrigerator.

The Negatives

While the look is very cool, it does lack insulation. Because of this, the unit tends to condense, potentially leading to moisture buildup around your space.  Also, the lack of insulation means that it can lose cooling quickly in warmer environments – resulting in more energy required.

While the insulated cover can help mitigate this issue, it’s important to note that this cover comes at an additional cost of $350. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Polar Monkeys ‘The Portal’ Ice Bath strikes an impressive balance between luxury and affordability, bringing together a sleek, industrial design, easy setup, efficient cooling system, and unique color options. 

The perfect solution for those who want to level up their cold plunging with an iceless, year around solution.

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